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The Legacy of Lois De Geer


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Louis De Geer (1587–1652) was born in Liège in 1587 but he made a fortune in Amsterdam where he moved in 1615. He got his first contact with Sweden in 1616 when he was approached by a Swedish delegation that hade come to Amsterdam to borrow money to pay Denmark in ransom for the Älvsborgs fortress after the Kalmar War. Sweden borrowed 250 000 gulden and agreed to pay him back with copper from the Falu copper mine. He made his first trip to Sweden in February 1627. 

He soon became responsible for all the trade of Swedish copper at the bourse in Amsterdam. He was very successful and became a Swedish citizen so he didn´t have to pay tax to the Danes in Öresund. With a lot of help in the beginning from his old friend from Liége, Willem de Besche, De Geer got involved in and started many different companies. At this time there where a lot of battles going in Europe (like the thirty years war) and he began to produce canons in big scale at Finspång bruk (outside Norrköping) and Österbybruk (that we will visit). He hired many skilled workers from the area around Liège. 

The Swedish iron held a very high quality and soon he became the biggest producer in Europe. The army needed a lot of other things so he started to produce a wide range of needed things like musketeers and clothing. He founded textile industries in Norrköping that became very important

In 1641 Queen Christina elevated Louis de Geer to the peerage in recognition of his outstanding services to the Swedish economy. This enabled him to buy the land he previously had leased from the Crown. And the crown owed him large sums which enable him to aquire the ironworks in Löfstad in 1643 (that we will visit) and later Forsmark bruk (that we will visit), Österbybruk and Gimo bruk. During his time in Sweden he built 4 great houses. The ones in Norrköping and Uppsala were destroyed by fires but his main palace in Stockholm (that we will see) and Löfstad (rebuild after a fire) still remains. This is a fanstastic tour through the Swedish industrial history. Still today the family owns big estates and runs companies in different areas.

Tour Description

Your Private Driver will take you to some of the legacies of De Geer family. He will show you his former palace on Södermalm in Stockholm and then take you to three of his his famous estates north of Stockholm. We start at Österbybruk and then we will go to Lövsta bruk and then Forsmark. 


Our chauffeur will pick you up at your hotel, your cruise ship or at your home in the Stockholm and we will form the itinerary from the list below that is open the day you have booked:

  • Lois De Geers Palace in Stockholm
  • Österbybruk
  • Lövsta bruk
  • Forsmark bruk


8 hours


  • Pick up at hotel in Stockholm
  • Luxurious Car
  • Private Chauffeur
  • Some admission fees
  • Parking fees
  • Lunch
  • Bottled water


Food and drinks not included besides bottled water and snacks in the car. We will make time for lunch and coffee at the tour.


  • Your will have 1 ticket for the whole group


We can provide extra services upon request.

  • Extra

Cancelation Policy

As we make reservations and bookings with our suppliers and Chauffeurs we need to have a cancellation policy as follows:

  • 100% refund if tour is canceled at least 24 hours prior to departure
  • 0% refund if tour is canceled  less than 24 hours prior to departure
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