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Whether you are looking for a private tour of Sweden´s finest houses, palaces, castles, gardens or museums we will arrange it.  To have a tailor made tour written especially for you, or simply want to discover the secrets and famous sights of our capital on one of our VIP tours of Stockholm, our knowledgeable driver guides will be delighted to escort you. Please see a list of some of our tour suggestions below and click on “Book this tour” for more information and booking.

Stockholm Historic Highlights

This bespoke Private Chauffeur Tour in the city of Stockholm is a perfect introduction to the city. During 4 hours in a roomy and luxury vehicle we will pass more than 20 of the most famous attractions. We have time to make several stops on the way to pay visits to the museums that you like or to take photos. Our guides have a very good general knowledge about Stockholm and Sweden and you can ask any questions during the tour.

Uppsala Historic Highligts

Uppsala is one of Sweden’s oldest and most interesting cities. As this is a bespoke Private Tour we will take you to the places that you find the most interesting and that is accessible the actual day. We have 4 hours to spend in Uppsala and we will visit/pass attractions like The Royal Mounds and museum in Gamla (Old) Uppsala, The Church of Gamla Uppsala, The Carolus Linnaeus Garden and Museum, The Uppsala Cathedral and several ohter places.

Skokloster Castle and Sigtuna City

Skokloster Castle is one of the world´s best preserved castles from the Baroque era and it has some 50 000 objects in the collections. It was built between 1654-1676. We will see the historical interiors and explore the surrounding gardens and the church. The next stop on this trip is the living historical city of Sigtuna which has had the same city plan for more 1 000 years. It was a royal and commercial centre for some 250 years, and Sweden’s first coins were minted. Sigtuna is a very picturesque and cosy city to visit any time of the year.

Drottningholm Palace and the Chinese Pavilion

The World Heritage Site of Drottningholm has been a royal residence since the 1660s. The well preserved Palace itself forms together with the unique Chinese Pavilion, the Palace Theater and the magnificent gardens, a unique 18th century historic heritage of the highest international standards. Today it is their Majesties the King and Queen’s permanent home residence.

The Genius Linnaeus

Carolus Linnaeus (Carl von Linné, 1707–1778) is one of the world’s best-known scientists. He was a multi talented scientist that could call himself physician, botanist, geologist, zoologist and philosopher. He travelled, he observed, recorded, tested, analysed and published a large variety of manuscripts on many different topics. He sought a universal classification of all creation, animal, vegetable and mineral. He spent more than 50 years in Uppsala and some 300 years later we we will follow in his footsteps!

Gripsholm Castle & Mariefred City

Gripsholm Castle was built 1537-1545 on behalf of King Gustav Vasa. It is one of Swedens most important historical monuments and It served as one of the main residences for royalties for some 400 years. Gripsholm is also the home for the Swedish National Portrait Gallery. It was founded in 1822 and it contains more than 5 000 portraits of prominent Swedes from the 1500s until to today. We will also see a bit of the old picturesque city Mariefred from 1605 and maybe enjoy cakes and cookies at the nearby Taxinge Castle.

Tullgarn Palace & Trosa City

Tullgarn Palace is one of ten Royal Palaces in Sweden. It was built in the sixteenth century for the Count Carl Sture. The first four-story building was torn down in 1720 on the order by Magnus Gabriel De La Gardie and replaced with the palace that stands there today. Tullgarn has during the years been a popular summer palace amongst Swedish Royalties. Next stop is the picturesque city Trosa that received its ”township” status from King Karl IX of Sweden in 1610. In 1719, Trosa was burned down by Russian invaders…

Rosersberg Palace & Skånelaholm Castle

Rosersberg Palace is one of ten Royal Palaces in Sweden. It was built in the 1630s by the Oxenstierna family and became a Royal Palace in 1762. It has outstandingly well-preserved interiors as. During the the past 150 years, virtually no changes have been made to the main floors of the permanent furnishings in the Empire Style that the first member of todays royal family, Charles XIV John (Karl XIV Johan) made popular in Sweden in the first quarter of the 19th century. Then we will visit Skånelaholm Castle which has a history that dates back to the 13th century. We will see the interiors and explore the lovely surroundings around the lake Fysingen.

Djursholm - The Legendary Garden City

Djursholm is considered to be Sweden´s first real Garden City. It was founded in 1889 by the bakier Henrik Palme and in 1890 the inhabitants could take an electric train to Stockholm city. Djursholm was early popular among academics, cultural personalities and industrialists. We will drive through the areas Stocksund, Djursholm and Svalnäs and we will see some of the finest houses in Sweden, designed by some of the best architects. 

Waldemarsudde & The Thiel Gallery

Djurgården is a tranquil island in the middle of Stockholm City. The island has been in possession of the crown since the 15th century. It collects many famous museums and cultural attractions. This tour takes you to the famous art museums The Prince Eugens Waldemarsudde and The Thiel Gallery.


Svindersvik is one of our oldest summer houses, an exclusive predecessor to the merchant’s villas. It was was built in the early 1740s for Claes Grill, one of that time´s most influential and wealthy financiers. He was a director of the Swedish East India Company. The main building was designed by architect Carl Hårleman French-inspired Rococo.

Julita Manor House

At Julita Manor House you will find a complete country estate from before the turn of the 20th century, preserved with all its exquisite interiors, parks, orchard, green house, kitchen garden, its own dairy, fire station, church, brickworks – in fact everything that was part of a large estate of that time.

Sigtuna Town

The medieval town Sigtuna just by the lake Mälaren, was founded in 970 by King Erik the Victorious. This makes it the first town in Sweden. Several archaeological excavations in the three-meter deep “black earth has shown that the town’s original structure is largely preserved to this day and that the town centre has stayed more or less the same for more than 1000 years.

The Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm archipelago is famous for its beauty and unique nature. It consists of around 30 000 islands, islets and skerries, of which around 200 are inhabited. In the area you will also find  coastal towns, luxurious retreats, restaurants and private homes in amazing  locations just by the water.

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